Enhancing the quality of life both aesthetically and environmentally

Magnolia Tree (video)

“Magnolia” is a sculpture inspired by two trees: the magnolia tree in my backyard adorned with large blossoms and the twisted limbs that compete for the sunlight on my daily drive.

This life-size sculpture is 100% handmade from recycled materials that are infused with the history of Shaker Heights. The copper water lines that comprise the structure of the tree were removed from Shaker Heights neighborhoods during construction and remodeling projects.  The sturdy base which supports this sculpture was once used as a curb along Fairmount Boulevard.

“Magnolia” embodies the goal of my work: taking simple materials that have served a purpose in society and re-implementing them in order to enhance the quality of life both esthetically and environmentally.

This piece will be featured in the Shaker Heights Historical Garden Tour beginning June 17, 2012.

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