Enhancing the quality of life both aesthetically and environmentally

A Moment in Time

Copper and Stainless steel tree is a Fountain One of life’s joys is that our surroundings are in a constant state of change.  If you are looking, you can find great pleasure in the changing colors and smells that accompany each season.  These mental images are gifts from God that add enjoyment to life.  At the same time, change is something that can cause frustration; its effects require maintenance; and sometimes change leaves us with memories of things which can no longer be.   Although not entirely reversible, through sculptures we have the ability to capture our favorite moments in time, freezing them in a medium that has the ability to greatly resist change.

Gardens can be accented with sculptures of plant life in their peak conditions, leaving you with a reminder of what to anticipate in the seasons to come.  Living spaces can be infused with unchanging versions of the seasonal beauty you enjoy.  The addition of copper and stainless steel materials to any landscape provides amazing contrast and increases the depth of experience.

Perhaps it’s time to enhance the joy and experience of your living spaces.

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