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How to Increase the Depth of Interaction in your Living Space or Landscape

Finished033Living spaces and landscapes reveal many clues about their owner, and due to this fact people tend to fill these spaces with items that contain a story.  These pieces build depth and enhance the experience of the spaces that contain them, all the while providing clues about their owner’s tastes, past, and values.  Often times, however, these spaces are filled with abstract ideas demonstrated through sculptures which are hard to connect with, even if the artist is present, resulting in cold interaction and raising a necessary question.  Can a modern sculpture contain the richness of a story that only time and community produce?  The answer is absolutely YES!

The use of recycled materials provides the opportunity to infuse history into any modern piece.  Richness and depth can be immediately added by collecting materials from a community, region, or landmark, and re-implementing them to fulfill a new purpose.  Community, history, and cultural identity, are all concepts that anybody can relate to, with little to no explanation needed.

Maximize the story your living space is telling through the re-crafting of materials that already contain a story within.

One response

  1. Carla Schmidt

    Luke shared your website with me and I really like your art. Especially the vine wraps around the containers and frames. Very nice. Maybe we can talk sometime about how you sell your pieces. I’m thinking about what I might like to be custom made.
    Very cool!
    God bless, Carla Schmidt

    February 28, 2013 at 2:43 am

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