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Address or Landmark?

Have you ever noticed that all neighborhoods have something in common?  On your next drive or jog consider this.  No matter what the scale of income, homes and properties look very similar in their respective neighborhoods.  Colors, textures and landscapes will vary as you pass from home-to-home, but typically they all share a commonality.

Descriptions like “the large home on the left” or the “one with the grand entry and vast hedgerows” could describe thousands of homes, or at least most homes in a given neighborhood.  The fact is home-owners invest large amounts of money to maintain their properties, because they understand that to a certain extent their property is a reflection of themselves.  With this in mind, the goal should be to invest in a way that enhances the property value, while at the same time adding to its uniqueness.  Sculptures are a great way of doing this!

Magnolia TreeA custom sculpture adds distinctness to any property in any neighborhood.  When a home stands out in the right way among surrounding homes, it breaks the monotony of the landscape, and produces immediate recognition to the viewer.  The resulting effect is that the property becomes a landmark and no longer just a street address.

If your property front is being absorbed by its surroundings, consider installing a one-of-a-kind sculpture.  Every home has an address, but it does not have to be the only way to identify it.

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