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One in a million…if not, customize it!

DSC04793Do the products in your living space add to its uniqueness?  Maybe a better way to define that question is to ask it this way, do the products that fill your living space have part numbers? If they do, it is very likely that many other people have the exact same items.  One of the benefits of large-scale manufacturing is that it can supply good product to the masses at a reasonable cost.  One of the down sides to manufacturing, when working to personalizing a living space, is that it supplies good products to the masses.  Can an individual personalize their living space full of common items?  Absolutely, customize them!

While main-stream manufacturing processes may make it slightly more difficult to individualize a living space, hand-made sculptures and accent pieces are a great way to help in the effort.  Using recycled materials to create sculpture pieces to accent standard picture frames, cabinets, hand-rails, entry-ways, light post, fences, virtually anything, is a guaranteed way to  transform the common into something uncommon. 

Is your living space one in a million?  If this is the first time you have asked yourself that question, there is a good chance it isn’t.  Adding custom features to standard household items is one solution to ensuring that your living space is truly unique.

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