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Art, reminding us of what we already know

IMG_6288When the Declaration of Independence was written, it re-postured a timeless truth in a way that was easily understood against the background and context of that time period. Truths such as men being “created equal” and being “endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights.”  The document in and of itself did not have the power to endow these truths; it just reminded the world of what it inherently knew.  Art, in a similar fashion, can perform this same function.

The great thing about art is that it re-postures common things in a way that causes us to stop and think, reminding us of things we inherently know.  When a painting or sculpture arrests our attention, it reinforces a couple of self-evident realities.  First, Christ’s creative work is strikingly beautiful, matchless in vision, and unparalleled in regards to symmetry & elegance.   Many people have spent the whole of their lives studying, sharing, and expressing the wonders of this planet and the heavens that surround it.  Second, our desire to create is the result of God fashioning us in His image.  The human desire to create stands opposed to the live-and-let-die, survival of the fittest mentality that is often promoted.  The reality is, the more time we spend enjoying beautiful things, the more we realize that these things are complex, exist in perfect balance, and are certainly not accidental.

The next time you have the opportunity to walk by a painting or sculpture, remember/realize the reason it evokes a response is because it is under-pinned by a couple of amazing realities!

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