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I was blind, but now I see

As a boy I had the desire to create, but unfortunately the ability to do so was something I lacked.  I believe that in order to create it is necessary to first perceive and appreciate what exists.  Whether it be color, light, shading, sound, taste, texture, etc., if one is to recreate, reproduce, arrange, or manipulate a specific media into something new, it is first necessary to understand & appreciate what exists.  This was the ability I did not have.  I could not see the beauty of what was around me, and I lacked the vision to analyze the detail in the wonders of creation.

My desire to create was coupled with the ability to do so when Christ removed the burden of my sin, washed the scales from my eyes, and gave me new vision to perceive the amazing detail of His handy work.  I truly was blind but now I see, and my ability to now see has grown into a love and desire to create.  This process began gradually and has progressed down a path leading through different mediums, finally settling on a medium that suits my background best – metals.

Artist Statement

My artwork embodies the engineering discipline I was trained in, and the subconscious desire to escape from the system in which it is applied.  The process of escape begins with recycled materials, my focus being copper and stainless steel due to these materials ability to resist corrosion.  I use materials that have had a previous function for two reasons: first, their past life and service to humanity add character that only comes with the passing of time.  Second, their natural blemishes ensure that each piece will be unique and free from a system dominated by dimensions and tolerances.

These recycled materials are re-formed into primarily nature based sculptures, using both primitive and modern techniques.  Each piece is visualized and sketched in order to provide a goal to work towards.  The sketch comes to life through the use of fire, electricity, and simple hand tools.

Nature is the primary theme, as it is understood and appreciated by all people groups of the world.  Reproducing a metallic version of a soft organic plant, tree, or flower creates bold contrast, and refocuses the viewer’s attention on the beauty of Christ’s creative handy-work.