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Art, reminding us of what we already know

IMG_6288When the Declaration of Independence was written, it re-postured a timeless truth in a way that was easily understood against the background and context of that time period. Truths such as men being “created equal” and being “endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights.”  The document in and of itself did not have the power to endow these truths; it just reminded the world of what it inherently knew.  Art, in a similar fashion, can perform this same function. (more…)

Copper in the Arts

DSC04609In January 2013, I had the opportunity to be featured on Copper.org.

Here is an excerpt from my interview with Jennifer Hetrick:

Spending much of his 20s honing the hands-on skills and dexterity necessary for welding, Matthew Albright began to gravitate toward copper, and today is known for his intricate, nature-inspired metal sculptures that speak to his agrarian side. (more…)

One in a million…if not, customize it!

DSC04793Do the products in your living space add to its uniqueness?  Maybe a better way to define that question is to ask it this way, do the products that fill your living space have part numbers? If they do, it is very likely that many other people have the exact same items.  One of the benefits of large-scale manufacturing is that it can supply good product to the masses at a reasonable cost.  One of the down sides to manufacturing, when working to personalizing a living space, is that it supplies good products to the masses.  Can an individual personalize their living space full of common items?  Absolutely, customize them!

While main-stream manufacturing processes may make it slightly more difficult to individualize a living space, hand-made sculptures and accent pieces are a great way to help in the effort.  Using recycled materials to create sculpture pieces to accent standard picture frames, cabinets, hand-rails, entry-ways, light post, fences, virtually anything, is a guaranteed way to  transform the common into something uncommon.  (more…)

Address or Landmark?

Magnolia Tree by Matthew Allen Albright

Have you ever noticed that all neighborhoods have something in common?  On your next drive or jog consider this.  No matter what the scale of income, homes and properties look very similar in their respective neighborhoods.  Colors, textures and landscapes will vary as you pass from home-to-home, but typically they all share a commonality.

Descriptions like “the large home on the left” or the “one with the grand entry and vast hedgerows” could describe thousands of homes, or at least most homes in a given neighborhood.  The fact is home-owners invest large amounts of money to maintain their properties, because they understand that to a certain extent their property is a reflection of themselves.  With this in mind, the goal should be to invest in a way that enhances the property value, while at the same time adding to its uniqueness.  Sculptures are a great way of doing this! (more…)

How to Increase the Depth of Interaction in your Living Space or Landscape

Finished033Living spaces and landscapes reveal many clues about their owner, and due to this fact people tend to fill these spaces with items that contain a story.  These pieces build depth and enhance the experience of the spaces that contain them, all the while providing clues about their owner’s tastes, past, and values.  Often times, however, these spaces are filled with abstract ideas demonstrated through sculptures which are hard to connect with, even if the artist is present, resulting in cold interaction and raising a necessary question.  Can a modern sculpture contain the richness of a story that only time and community produce?  The answer is absolutely YES!

The use of recycled materials provides the opportunity to infuse history into any modern piece.  Richness and depth can be immediately added by collecting materials from a community, region, or landmark, and re-implementing them to fulfill a new purpose.  Community, history, and cultural identity, are all concepts that anybody can relate to, with little to no explanation needed. (more…)

A Moment in Time

Copper and Stainless steel tree is a Fountain One of life’s joys is that our surroundings are in a constant state of change.  If you are looking, you can find great pleasure in the changing colors and smells that accompany each season.  These mental images are gifts from God that add enjoyment to life.  At the same time, change is something that can cause frustration; its effects require maintenance; and sometimes change leaves us with memories of things which can no longer be.   Although not entirely reversible, through sculptures we have the ability to capture our favorite moments in time, freezing them in a medium that has the ability to greatly resist change. (more…)

Magnolia Tree (video)

“Magnolia” is a sculpture inspired by two trees: the magnolia tree in my backyard adorned with large blossoms and the twisted limbs that compete for the sunlight on my daily drive.