Enhancing the quality of life both aesthetically and environmentally


Commissioning Process

The process of creating a unique piece that enhances the felt experience of the intended living space or property site, is an exciting process for both the client and the artist.  For the client it is the anticipation of what will be, for the artist it is the journey of bringing the vision to life and witnessing the response it evokes.  The steps below are designed to provide clarity to the process, and set general expectations.  Honestly, this process can be as formal, or as informal as needed.  Below is a general template only.

Make Contact

The process begins by initiating contact.  This step allows you to briefly describe a general scope of the project, it also helps you get an understanding of my current work load and estimated time frame. You can email me through this contact form, and I will respond within two business days.

Relationship & Scope

After initial contact is made, you and I have the opportunity to get to know each other better as we work through the details of the project.  The goal of this step is for me to grasp the mood and the environment of where the sculpture will live.  This can be accomplished by phone, through email, pictures, or preferably by site visits.* At this point I will be able to provide you with rough costs and project duration.

Concept & Trust

Once you feel confident that the custom piece will enhance the quality and experience of the intended space, I will begin to create the design by providing you with sample portions of the finished product.  The goal of this step is to help you trust my abilities & vision by giving you a glimpse of the finished piece.  The duration of this step will vary depending on the time it takes to acquire the necessary materials, and the level of detail required in the sculpture.  Upon finalizing the concept, final project cost will be updated and agreed upon.

Concept Fee:  This cost will vary depending on project scope.

Schedule & Creation

Once the concept has been approved I will be able to provide you with a project timeline.  Work will begin after receiving  50% of the agreed upon project costs.  I will provide you with updates as each phase of the sculpture is completed.

Delivery & Installation

Once the sculpture is complete and approved, the piece will be delivered after the remaining 50% of the project costs have been received.