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Save it for a rainy day

I find myself saving more & more things lately.  I have convinced myself at this point that I don’t have a problem, but that remains to be seen.  As the weather warms up I have been spending more time out doors with my 18 month old son, and as we are exploring this new world together I have been gathering stones, lumber & nuts.   I don’t really have any idea what I want to do with these items, or whether I will even use them, but I set them aside just in case new perspectives & experiences bring inspiration for creativity.

Old lamps, hardware, & miscellaneous components, that by themselves have no charm, can be disassembled and paired with organic elements like stone or wood to create new décor that have hints of a past life.  Some of the most attractive elements inside or outside the home can be the right pairing of seemingly simple and common items.

If It looks like it has potential why not save it and revisit it in a few months.  Who knows, you may be surprised.IMG_0749

Art, reminding us of what we already know

IMG_6288When the Declaration of Independence was written, it re-postured a timeless truth in a way that was easily understood against the background and context of that time period. Truths such as men being “created equal” and being “endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights.”  The document in and of itself did not have the power to endow these truths; it just reminded the world of what it inherently knew.  Art, in a similar fashion, can perform this same function. (more…)

Copper in the Arts

DSC04609In January 2013, I had the opportunity to be featured on Copper.org.

Here is an excerpt from my interview with Jennifer Hetrick:

Spending much of his 20s honing the hands-on skills and dexterity necessary for welding, Matthew Albright began to gravitate toward copper, and today is known for his intricate, nature-inspired metal sculptures that speak to his agrarian side. (more…)